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Our Story so far….

Our Story

The idea for ‘The Squeeze’ came from inspiration that Caroline Rochford had in response to some of the heart-breaking stories that she was hearing on the media. 

Caroline Rochford, HR Consultant working across a range of different sectors helping managers and business owners with their people issues.  My passion is to provide an effective HR service to small and medium sized businesses using my extensive HR and Employment Law knowledge.

Caroline Rochford Consulting said:

“I felt there must be a way that I, and others, might be able to give to those who are struggling to pay their utility bills and are at the point of choosing between heating and eating, and/or eating or giving food to their children.  This also resonated with my faith.  As a Christian, I feel it is part of my walk with God that I should give financially to those in need.  This is how the early church survived and grew – those that had helped those in need – it is as basic as that.

I know that people can make a huge difference to each other and show love towards each other every single day in any number of ways.  I also know that we are a very generous nation and that many of us are struggling to know how we can help those who are really struggling with extreme hardship. 

The Squeeze aims to help connect the two – 100% of our donations will go to those who need it.  It doesn’t matter how small your donation; it will be a huge hug to the person who is feeling the squeeze right now. “

At a time when many people globally, but particularly in the UK, are feeling a squeeze on their pockets with the cost of living rising, this seemed like something worth pursuing.

Caroline was introduced to Caroline McKenna at a networking event and Caroline headshotResizedwas sure that Caroline would be a good person to explore this idea with.  Caroline is well connected with the third sector and has been at the heart of a number of very successful organisations; most recently, Social Good Connect.  She wanted to explore with Caroline, whether they could somehow connect individuals and businesses with opportunities to help others financially who are in dire financial need.

Caroline was really enthusiastic about the idea and was inspired with the name of The Squeeze: we all agreed that it so aptly described the squeeze people are feeling on their wallets, as well as a big squeeze of care and love for our beneficiaries. 

Caroline McKenna, an award-winning CEO and passionate advocate for the Third Sector (previous CEO of The Dundee International Women’s Centre (2014-2018), Social Good Connect (2018 – 2022) and PKAVS (2023- current)) said:

I don’t believe people should have to spend sleepless nights worrying about heating or eating for their families. It’s a difficult situation, the current crisis is having a devastating impact on those around us and every day I hear stories of children and vulnerable people and families pushed further into poverty as a result of the increased costs of living. I also believe passionately in the power of community – the business community and great people coming together as a force for good, to help those who need it most. The short-term financial hardship for many is real and I know that if we can donate, no matter how small to support our local communities, we show that we care.

Shortly after this, Emma-Jane Kerr (EJ) also came onboard bringing with her a wealth of experience.  

EJ has extensive experience in the public, private and third sector, holding industry qualification in project management and leadership.  As the Operations Manager for Wells Gibson, a local award-winning Financial Planning Firm based in Dundee, she has a huge passion for improving corporate, social and environmental responsibly, taking business decision, not only to maximise profits, but to serve and protect the interests of the community as a whole.

EJ came up with our tagline ‘Power of Community’. 

“I believe that rich social bonds and meaningful relationships brings true happiness! A strong community is a powerful way for people to build and maintain relationships and help people to access support. An exchange of knowledge and skills leads to personal, professional development and friendships.  I truly believe that by collaborating and partnering with each other, The Squeeze can create a better community to help vulnerable and disadvantaged people experiencing financial hardship during these tough times and make a greater impact in the world. A strong community is a powerful way for people to build and maintain relationships and help people to access support”

Our supporters

Many doors have since opened along the way and we have received tremendous support for other like-minded individuals:

  • We have been supported by Amanda MacLeod, a virtual assistant with extensive experience in volunteer work, supporting a number of charities. Amanda came along at just the right time with just the right skills to help us when we were struggling with getting all the documents, forms, website, etc. ready for going live.  Amanda also helped us with our application to become a registered charity.
  • We’ve had incredibly generous help from Wendy Maltman, at The Malting House whose team helped design our wonderful branding and logo.
  • We have been greatly assisted by Cara Cormack, who developed out website.

We can’t wait to progress the next steps in order to process donations from our generous donors and support families through our charity members. 

How can you support us?


Are you an individual or business keen to donate to those most in need?

100% of all donations go direct to beneficiaries via our charity members.


We exist to help you help those most in need.

Would you like to join our members in supporting this cause?

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