We exist to help you to help those most in need...

We know that you know your beneficiaries best so we want you to sign up and then you can start applying for funding. 100% of the donation should go directly to those most in need and you can enable the money to get to the right families in their time of need. 

Currently, applications for funding will be considered for individuals/families on a one-off basis.  Applications from the same individual/family will not be considered if submitted within a six-month timeframe.

How it works

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Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for applying for funding, your families/individuals must meet the following criteria.

  • We prioritise those living in poverty
  • We prioritise applications that will make a positive difference to those in need
  • Additional weight is given to those with caring responsibilities and young families

Our Charity Members

Our partnering charities, who have signed up with us to receive support, play a vital role in delivering direct assistance to beneficiaries

Through close collaboration with our charity members, we strive to ensure that no one falls further through the cracks, leveraging the strength and unity of our community

The invaluable work of our charity partners enables us to reach those in need more effectively and efficiently. However, our ability to provide urgent support hinges on the generosity of donations. These contributions are essential in facilitating the timely and critical aid required to make a real difference in the lives of those we serve