Most common questions for charities

Do we have to be a registered charity to apply?

Yes, our funding is only available to registered charities who work directly with individuals in need.

How do I apply?

We are asking all charities to sign up using the Charity Sign up form online.  However, if you have any communication support needs that make reading or completing an application form difficult or impossible, please contact us at to discuss alternative ways you can apply.  


To view our donation process click here.

What do you fund?

To be eligible for applying for funding, your families/individuals must meet the following criteria.

  • We prioritise those living in poverty
  • We prioritise applications that will make a positive difference to those in need
  • Additional weight is given to those with caring responsibilities and young families

To view our eligibility criteria please click here.


Other Community Resources – for electrical appliance or other household items such blankets, duvets, clothes, toiletries etc.  The Squeeze can connect you with other grant making organisations.  Please indicate this in the ‘Other Community Resource’ section on the application form.


Do I have to provide beneficiaries personal details when applying for funding?

We want to assure you that the privacy and confidentiality of all beneficiary details are of the utmost important to us. We understand the sensitive nature of this request and therefore we will not request the beneficiary’s personal details. Charities can choose to provide first name only, change the beneficiary’s name for the purpose of the application, or simply note beneficiary 1, 2 3, etc.

Can I apply for 12 months or more of funding?

Currently, applications for funding will be considered for individuals/families on a one-off basis.  Applications from the same individual/family will not be considered if submitted within a six-month timeframe.

Do you fund people from across the UK?

Our charity currently funds Scotland-wide only.

Do you provide funding retrospectively?

No, The Squeeze does not cover costs already incurred or activities that have already taken place.

We try to be proportionate in how much we award and take into consideration a number of factors including the individual’s financial position, the immediate need for our funds; the fit of your work in relation to our criteria and the scale of your work geographically.

When are your deadlines and how quickly will I get a decision on my application?

Provided all of the information is contained in the application, we will email you with the outcome of the Trustee’s decision within 5 working days.

How are funds distributed?

Funds will be released directly to the charity, granting them the responsibility of distributing aid to the intended beneficiaries. By implementing this approach, we aim to streamline the process and ensure funds reach those in need more efficiently. This direct-to-charity distribution model also fosters transparency and accountability, as donors can witness the direct impact of their contributions and the transformational change it brings to the lives of the beneficiaries.

I still have some questions, so how do I get in touch with you?

Email your query to and we will get back to you as soon as we can.