Caroline Rochford

I have been an HR Consultant for 14 years working across a range of different sectors helping managers and business owners with their people issues.  My passion is to provide an effective HR service to small and medium sized businesses using my extensive HR and Employment Law knowledge. I offer HR advice on all topics from Recruitment to Redundancy and everything in-between.

I provide help on-site or virtually, talking through complex issues, and advising on action to take as well as supporting managers with those difficult conversations.

As a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and a paralegal in Employment Law, I enjoy keeping up to date with employment law so that I can advise employers on the consequences of actions they are considering.

Why I wanted to be a Trustee

I know that people can make a huge difference to each other and show love towards each other every single day in any number of ways.  I also know that we are a very generous nation and that many of us are struggling to know how we can help those who are really struggling with extreme hardship. 

The Squeeze aims to help connect the two – 100% of our donations will go to those who need it.  It doesn’t matter how small your donation, it will be a huge hug to the person who is feeling the squeeze right now.  Thank you. 

Emma-Jane Kerr

Emma-Jane (EJ) is the Operations Manager of Wells Gibson, a small boutique financial planning firm based in Dundee. Their vision is to see lives changed, one client, one family at a time and their mission is to bring clarity, contentment and certainty to your financial life.

EJ has extensive experience in the public, private and third sector, holding industry qualifications in project management, leadership, and management.

She was the co-founder of a pilot project, the military CoWorking Network, based in Leuchars, enabling military spouses & partners to create independent, professional lives alongside military life. This network now holds a number of hubs worldwide.

She has a huge passion for improving corporate, social, and environmental responsibility, taking business decisions, not only to maximise profits, but to serve and protect the interests of the community as a whole. 

Why I wanted to be a Trustee

I believe that rich social bonds and meaningful relationships brings true happiness! A strong community is a powerful way for people to build and maintain relationships and help people to access support. An exchange of knowledge and skills leads to personal, professional development and friendships.  I truly believe that by collaborating and partnering with each other, The Squeeze can create a better community to help vulnerable and disadvantaged people experiencing financial hardship during these tough times, and make a greater impact in the world.

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Caroline Mckenna

Caroline is the Chief Operating Officer at EQ Accountants responsible for all aspects of Operational Excellence, People + Culture, Marketing + Communications, Technology and Integration. EQ have multiple locations across the East of Scotland with a growing team of 140. Caroline is a passionate advocate for the Third Sector and brings boundless energy and drive to ensure that people and families can survive and thrive.

Why I wanted to be a Trustee

I don’t believe people should have to spend sleepless nights worrying about heating or eating for their families. It’s a difficult situation, the current crisis is having a devastating impact on those around us and I hear stories of children and vulnerable people and families pushed further into poverty as a result of the increased costs of living. I also believe passionately in the power of community – the business community and great people coming together as a force for good, to help those who need it most. The short-term financial hardship for many is real and I know that if we can donate, no matter how small to support our local communities, we show that we care.

Bronwyn Jack

Bronwyn is our newly appointed Community Relationships and Impact Lead.

She brings with her a warm, unwavering passion for making a meaningful impact and addressing the challenges associated with poverty and the Cost-of-Living Crisis. Her journey has been marked by hands-on involvement in growing a nationally recognised charity’s retail shop in the heart of Edinburgh. Beyond this, Bronwyn’s endeavours extend to having dedicated herself to extensive philanthropic research during the final years of her degree, specifically supporting small charities. Her diverse interests encompass silversmithing and sustainability, by upcycling and repurposing jewellery from charity shops across Scotland. She showcases her commitment to making a meaningful difference in the community, and her genuine advocacy for helping others succeed in making positive change is why she is the perfect fit for The Squeeze.

Why The Squeeze?

I am thrilled about the incredible opportunity to contribute my skills, passion, and dedication to The Squeeze’s impactful mission. When I had heard of The Squeeze, I knew I had to get involved. Working alongside three empowering and dedicated women, who, like me, are committed to creating positive change and championing philanthropy, amplifies the collective strength and impact that we can all have as individuals on the communities we support. I look forward to meeting and working with the fantastic charities making impactful moves in our communities, supporting them in helping their people during these trying times. Additionally, I’m excited to contribute and encourage others to make a difference in the lives of those in need, realising the profound impact we can achieve both individually and collectively. Collaborative spirit is within us all.